There is one thing about me i’m not a dreamer. i can say i’m an achiever if that makes sense.
I love challenges, and i love them more if they are attainable. I admire people that like or pose challenges as well.

Now when i say i like people that pose challenges i am not referring to human relationship challenges. i tend to stay away from those type of challenges.

An old friend of mine once described as a goat-head. She was remarking the fact that i never give up and quite stubborn in the face of challenges.

She said it as an insult, i received it as a compliment. I guess that’s because i’ve already made that realisation about myself, challenged it and end up falling in love with it.
Self-analyses have made me realise that this is what keeps me going in life.

You know, i believe

Where there is desire
There is going be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
So you’ve gotta get up and  try and  try and try…..

Now, that might come across as “trying the same thing over and over again with the expectation of a different result”. NO, that’s not my way.
I believe life is a lesson, i believe everyday and every moment on this earth is meant to teach us something. it can be something beautiful, enjoyable or painful.
Every attempt at a challenge should be treated as a lesson.

i know some people that dont believe in this way of life. people that will try things once or twice and give up.
i dont despise these people, i quite admire them in a way. I believe everyone is different and i respect that.
They dont know my journey, they might never understand the life of someone that is not born with a special talent, look or charisma.

people like me have to work very hard for what we have. We have to study every day to ensure we get that first class honours result.
We have to train 5 times a week to ensure we win that race. We have to go out with a couple of women to learn not to confess your whole heart on the first date.(even though it’s the truth). Such is life i guess but you know one thing. There is no
greater feeling like winning something that you worked hard for. Even if you are not the best, you know you are better and knowledgeable person than
who you were before you take on the challenge.