I’ve been thinking a lot about self care, self care during these abnormal times. Self-care techniques are incredibly important to help support and manage our mental health & wellbeing. As airlines say, ‘if the plane hits turbulence and the oxygen masks come down, place a mask on yourself first before turning to help others.’ If […]

How To Create a Node.js typescript Module

I’ve reently completed a task of creating and publishing a node module written in typescript. That was my first time doing this. I want to share how and what i learnt from this task. In Node.js, a module is a collection of JavaScript functions and objects that can be used by external applications. In this article, we […]

Greenwich park

Here a plane treeHigher than all heightsThicker than all bodiesThe woman smiles wildlyShe makes love to her phoneSo happy he called Oh, the morning sun is coming throughOh, the mild warmth it bringsIt fills my lungs with sweetnessIt fills my head with you The wicket fallsHigh fives all aroundConkers shining in their nestsJoggers hastening pastFootpaths […]

My life-changing successful habits

Do not touch or look at your phone when you wake up. This is something that i used to do. If you look at your phone when you wake up, that is what is going into your brain and most of the time, it’s not good. You need a fresh mind in the morning, a […]

What i learnt from working with a Therapist

When people go to theraphy, most of them know what they need to do improve their lives. But knowing is not enough. The reason that knowing is not enough is because our choices and behaviours are so heavily influenced by how we feel at the time. Emotions gives us urges to do certain things in […]

How to effect a change in your life

I found that very few people are willing to put the work necessary to change their current circumstances. Most people either fall into the victim mode and dont do anythingOrThey try and if things dont go absolutely right the first time, they quit and give up for life.’ Dont let yourself become that way,Dont think […]

What are your pros and cons of working from home

Given the current pandemic situation, companies are now looking to allow working from home a permanent thing, some with no option to work in an office. We’ve all been working from home for some time now, what benefits and disadvantages have you seen when it comes to working from home? These are mine. Pros: No […]

Why do you like jogging (running)

This is a question i get frequently from friends, co-workers, family and strangers. I run for many reasons. First I ,love being outdoors, whether I’m going for a run up through in a park or running along my local streets, i love the fact that it gets me out and into nature, which makes me […]